Paris, 2 february 2014, 4H30 pm.

Yesterday, it only took a few thousand firecrackers and a barrage of drums to make him crack an eye, but since that moment at 2:30pm the dragon has been awake. It’s a good thing to know – dragons also sleep in late on Sundays. We found him very up for action and right at home in the streets of Paris. We, along with the grand crowd, all rushed forward to touch the majestic beast. According to legend it brings happiness and good fortune so we doubled our chances with two touches a piece. 2014 is the year of the wooden horse so saddle up! Happy New Year China!

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  1. J’espère bien que ce sera une fabuleuse année du cheval ! En tout cas, ces photos ! Mais ces photos ! Si réussies ! ça donne envie de prendre son appareil et de se balader pour progresser :)

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